Indianapolis Violent Crime Lawyer

Are you being charged or are worried that you may be charged in the future with a violent crime? If so, you may be facing costly fines and time in jail or prison, as well as a permanent criminal record. Because of these potential consequences, finding a seasoned Indianapolis violent crime lawyer to fight for your rights and the outcome that you need should be a top priority. 

Why Choose The Indianapolis Violent Crime Attorney At Wruble Law LLC?

At Wruble Law LLC, lead attorney Stan Wruble is a true trial lawyer. While others may look at your case and immediately go to the prosecution for a plea agreement, Stan Wruble is excellent in the courtroom and not afraid to take difficult cases to trial as to work towards obtaining a not-guilty verdict. Even if a plea bargain is the best option, having an aggressive legal team at your side can help in the negotiation process.

So discover how you can get help by taking part in a complimentary case evaluation by calling (317)-308-8584 or by submitting your free case review online.

What Is An Example Of A Violent Crime In Indiana? 

Indiana has no overarching definition of what constitutes a “violent crime.” There is, however, a list of what’s known as “violent offenses” under Indiana Code 11-12-3.7-6. Most of these violent offenses are found in IC Title 35 and throughout the Indiana Code. 

This full list of violent crimes can be broken down into the following categories: 

1. Death or Injury-Related Crimes

  • Murder
  • Attempted murder
  • Involuntary manslaughter
  • Reckless homicide
  • Aggravated battery
  • Battery (Level 2, Level 3, Level 5 felony)
  • Causing death or catastrophic injury while driving under the influence

2. Sex Crimes

  • Specific felonious sex crimes found in IC 35-42-4-1 through IC 35-42-4-8 
  • Sexual misconduct with a minor (Level 1 through Level 3 felony)
  • Incest

3. Domestic Crimes

  • Kidnapping
  • Domestic battery (Level 2, Level 3, or Level 5 felony)
  • Criminal confinement (Level 3 felony)

4. Theft Crimes

  • Robbery (level 2 or level 3 felony)
  • Burglary (level 1 through level 4)
  • Carjacking

5. Terrorism or Destruction-Related

  • Possession, use, or manufacture of weapons of mass destruction
  • Terroristic mischief (Level 4 felony)
  • Arson (level 2 through level 4 felony)
  • Hijacking or disrupting an aircraft

6. Abetting Criminals 

  • Assisting a criminal (Level 5 felony)
  • Escaping lawful detention (Level 4 or 5 felony)
  • Trafficking with an inmate (Level 5 felony)

At the end of the list is a general blanket statement that “any other crimes evidencing a propensity or history or violence” would also be considered a violent offense. 

2014 Criminal Code Reform And The Reclassification Of Felonies In Indiana

As many of the above violent crimes are felonies, it’s important to know that Indiana’s criminal code changed drastically on July 1, 2014. Starting in 2014, felonies were reclassified from class A, B, C, and D (similar to many other states in the United States) to receiving Levels 1 through 6.

A major reform when the new criminal code was passed was to help victims and their families understand how long the guilty party would be serving in prison. Those who are charged with Level 1 through 5 felonies must serve at least 75% of their sentence, which used not to be the case. 

What To Do If You Are Arrested For A Violent Crime In Indiana

If you are arrested for a violent crime in Indiana, there are several important steps you should consider taking:

  • Invoke your right to remain silent. From the moment of your arrest, it is important to remain silent until you speak with attorneys. This can prevent any self-incrimination and increase your chances of having the case dismissed, dropped, or won during a jury trial. Additionally, refrain from speaking about your case to anyone but your lawyer.
  • Request an Attorney: Promptly request legal representation. Contact an experienced criminal defense attorney specializing in criminal defense cases in Indiana, like Stan Wruble. A good attorney will protect your rights and navigate the legal process.
  • Gather Information: Provide your attorney with all relevant information about the incident, including any evidence, witnesses, or potential defenses. Your attorney will evaluate the evidence, conduct their investigation if necessary, and build a strong defense strategy.
  • Comply with Legal Requirements: Failing to comply with these obligations can result in additional legal consequences.
  • Follow Legal Advice: Listen to the advice provided by your attorney and follow their guidance throughout the legal process. 

How An Experienced Indianapolis Violent Crime Lawyer Can Help

With so much at stake, you need a lawyer who you can trust to produce the result that you need! The Indianapolis Violent crime attorney from Wruble Law LLC has 25 years of collective experience in handling a variety of criminal cases, including those dealing with violent crime charges. Whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor or major felony, they are prepared and willing to take on your case.

A good Indianapolis violent crime attorney like Stan Wruble will help defend clients against the following types of violent criminal charges:

  • Murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Armed Robbery
  • Assault and Battery
  • Domestic Violence
  • Sex Crimes
  • Weapon Charges

So let a knowledgeable attorney defend your rights and provide the aggressive defense that you deserve. Contact an experienced Indianapolis criminal defense lawyer today by filling out your free, no-obligation case review request or calling us at (317)-308-8584.