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First Time DUI Attorney in Indianapolis, Indiana

Charged with A First-Time DUI?

Indianapolis DUI Defense Lawyers Can Help You

One of the most common impressions DUI suspects face after their first arrest is how easy it was to get caught. DUI stops and arrests happen all the time to law-abiding citizens from every walk of life due to simple and even momentary lapses in judgment. If a conviction occurs, penalties not only can greatly interrupt the life of the accused but also persist as a black mark on their driving record.

At Wruble Law LLC, there are experienced attorneys who understand how dismayed many first-time DUI suspects are following their charges. Often, these are citizens who have never had a legal issue before and want to put this matter behind them as swiftly and favorably as possible. With Wruble Law LLC's dedicated Indianapolis, Indiana, DUI defense lawyers by your side, that’s precisely the kind of aggressive, proactive approach their clients can expect. The team has more than four decades of collective legal experience with these matters and is ready to assuredly pursue the best possible outcome on your behalf.

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First-Time DUI Penalties in Indiana

Unlike other misdemeanors, which come with a simple fine or minimal jail time, DUI convictions can have a greater impact on the accused. This is because multiple types of penalties can apply, enforced by both the state under the criminal statute (IC 9-30-5) and the BMV.

First-time DUI penalties in Indiana can include:

  • 180-day license suspension

  • A maximum of 60 days in jail

  • A maximum fine of $5000 (minimum of $500)

  • Possible substance abuse assessment

It is also possible, if the court sees fit, that an ignition interlock device may be mandated in the accused’s car following their license suspension. Keep in mind: these are maximum penalties that can be argued down and avoided. In many cases, even the license suspension can be reduced with an appeal for a limited driver’s license. These outcomes are only possible, however, with effective legal counsel in your corner.

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