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Whether the word of the child in question or a concerned adult, an accusation of child abuse, sexual assault, or endangerment is difficult to overcome. Such an allegation involves a child’s physical or emotional abuse and can be substantiated by witness statements, photographs, threats, or intentional neglect. 

As black and white as this allegation may seem, accusations of child abuse can result from miscommunication, misunderstanding, or even malice. Some tumultuous divorce proceedings can involve parents alleging abuse to gain favor in custody matters. A DHS or criminal investigation can be time-intensive and result in charges that you need to defend yourself against. 

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What Is Child Abuse?

According to Title 31-34-1-2 of the Indiana Code, child abuse is defined as an “act or omission of parent, guardian, or custodian seriously endangering a child’s physical or mental health.” A child is considered this when “a child is in need of services if or before the child is 18.”

Under this statute, the following are considered abuse:

  • Assisting Suicide
  • Battery
  • Domestic Battery
  • Aggravated Battery
  • Strangulation
  • Female Genital Mutilation
  • Neglect of a Dependent

In Title 35-46-1-4 of the Indiana Code, neglect is defined as a person “responsible for the care of a dependent and knowingly or intentionally:

  • Places the dependent in a situation that endangers the dependent’s life or health
  • Abandons or cruelly confines the dependent
  • Deprives the dependent of necessary support
  • Or deprives the dependent of education as required by law.

Without context, abuse and neglect are considered absolutes. However, allegations can be unfounded or assumptions made without context. In these cases, a defense can be mounted to attack the evidence and discredit the accuser or the accusers. Just because you face an accusation doesn’t mean all hope is lost.

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You probably have more questions about your case since you now understand the extent of child abuse accusations and all they may entail. You may be concerned about the penalties you are facing, the scope of the investigation, and the duration of the case itself. 

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