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Felony DUI Attorney in Indianapolis, Indiana

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Typically, a DUI/OWI case in Indiana will be charged as a misdemeanor offense. This is especially true for first-time DUI offenders, who can be exposed to numerous misdemeanor penalties before they are able to move on with their lives. There are some circumstances, however, in which the state believes that the accused should face felony penalties for their alleged drunk driving.

In these cases, it is absolutely crucial that the accused driver retain proven and capable counsel. At Wruble Law LLC, there are dedicated Indianapolis, Indiana criminal defense attorneys with over four decades of collective experience. They know what a felony conviction could mean for their clients and their families. That is why they approach felony cases with aggressive, proven strategies to ensure that their clients’ rights are protected and that the best possible outcome is assuredly pursued.

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When Drunk Driving Is a Felony

When does the state of Indiana consider DUI/OWI a felony? There are five different circumstances when this can occur, each representing (to the state) instances when the accused poses a significant risk to themselves and others in their community.

Drunk driving is considered a felony in Indiana when:

  • The accused is convicted of their second DUI in five years (class D felony)

  • The accused is convicted of their third DUI in ten years (class D felony)

  • The accused causes serious bodily injury when drunk driving (class D or C felony)

  • The accused causes a death when drunk driving (class D felony)

  • The accused is caught drunk driving with a minor in the vehicle (class C or B felony)

Penalties for these crimes can vary-but all felony convictions in Indiana can lead to significant prison time and fines (along with other DUI penalties, such as license suspension). If you have been charged, then Wruble's team is ready to hear your story and start mounting a comprehensive defense on your behalf.

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