Indianapolis Drug Trafficking Attorney

Drug trafficking is the term for transporting controlled dangerous substances from one place to another, usually with the intent of selling them or transferring possession for other illegal means. Drug trafficking also usually involves large amounts of these substances, resulting in felony charges with potentially massive penalties.

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Drug Trafficking: State vs. Federal Charges

Drug trafficking charges can be either state or federal (or both), depending on when and where you transport your drugs to. If you transport drugs over state lines, your case will likely be heard in federal court, possibly in addition to state court in Indiana.

The Indiana Uniform Controlled Substances Act

The majority of Indiana’s drug offense are governed under the statute known as the Indiana Uniform Controlled Substances Act, found in Section 35-48-4-1. This statute defines large-scale drug offenses, like many drug trafficking charges, as felonies, carrying heavy penalties.

Penalties for drug trafficking can include:

  • Large fines
  • Prison time
  • Drug rehabilitation classes
  • Loss of rights

Why You Should Contact An Indianapolis Drug Trafficking Attorney Today

The exact nature of your charges will depend on numerous factors, including the type of substance you are found in possession of, how much of it, your intention with them, where you are found with them, and more. Consult with an Indianapolis drug trafficking attorney from the Wruble Law LLC to learn more about your charges and start developing your hard-hitting criminal defense.

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