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Marijuana-related crimes are some of the most common drug crimes in the country, and the Indianapolis, IN area, is no exception. Marijuana crimes are charged differently from other drug crimes for this reason. Additionally, Indiana has a very low tolerance for any kind of marijuana crime, levying strict penalties for even small convictions.

So if you or a loved one has been arrested and is facing a marijuana-related crime, do not hesitate to contact a skilled Indianapolis marijuana violation lawyer like Stan Wruble immediately

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The Legal Landscape of Marijuana And Cannabis In The United States

Are you confused about the legality of marijuana in Indiana? We understand. The legal landscape of this drug has been shifting ever since the 1937 passage of the Marijuana Tax Act. It wasn’t until 1970, that the federal government officially codified that the possession, manufacturing, importation, distribution, and use of marijuana was illegal by passing Controlled Substances Act.

However, in the over 50 years since the passage of this legislation, there have been efforts at the state level to allow certain populations of residents the ability to smoke or ingest marijuana products. In 1996, California was the first state to legalize cannabis for medical uses. In 2012, Colorado and Washington were the first states to legalize recreational usage. 

States across the country continued to pass medical or recreational marijuana programs and have done so at a much more expedient rate thanks to the Obama Administration’s Department of Justice ruling that it would not challenge state laws that legalized the drug.

So while the federal government has appeared to leave this de facto approach to the states, marijuana is still a Level I controlled substance (meaning the use of the plant had a high potential for abuse with no acceptable medical usage). The outcome of this conflicting approach to marijuana and cannabis regulation is that some states, like Indiana, still consider marijuana illegal to use or possess. 

Marijuana Violations & Penalties In Indianapolis

Marijuana charges can be levied in a wide variety of ways, and you should always take them seriously, as you would with any other type of drug crime. As detailed below, the basic crimes remain the same as other controlled substances but have different penalties. Marijuana crimes in Indiana include:

  • Possession: Possession of any amount is a misdemeanor, but can become a felony if you are a repeat offender and are found with 30g or more. Felony possession carries a minimum of six months in jail and a fine of up to $10,000.
  • Sale and/or Cultivation: Selling or growing less than 30 grams of marijuana is a misdemeanor. Anything over 30 grams or any sale to a minor is a felony that also carries minimum jail time and a fine of up to $10,000.
  • Paraphernalia: Possession, sale, or creation of marijuana paraphernalia, including blunt papers, water pipes, and more, is an infraction, but a repeat offense escalates automatically to a felony with a minimum jail sentence of six months and a fine of up to $10,000.
  • Hash and concentrates: Marijuana concentrates are a felony charge in all cases, except when you manufacture less than five grams worth of them, at which point it is a misdemeanor. In all felony cases, you could be facing significant jail time and a fine of up to $10,000.

How Law Enforcement Can Get It Wrong About Marijuana Violations

While there are many exemplary law enforcement officers out there, there can be bad actors who try to manipulate the system to bring marijuana charges against you or a loved one.

That’s why it’s important to understand that specific circumstances could drastically change the outcomes of your case.

Here are some examples: 

  • Police intimidate or trick the accused into allowing them to search a home or owned property in which marijuana was found.
  • Police use a search warrant for large stolen materials as an excuse to search drawers, crawl spaces, closets, and other areas in which it would be impossible to hide said stolen item. During this process, they find marijuana.
  • An individual is confiscating marijuana from another as a designated driver or bouncer. Police assert the marijuana belongs to the individual who confiscated it.
  • There is ambiguity over who owns the marijuana, as it is in property owned/rented by one person, but accessed by many people.

Part of crafting an expert defense for a marijuana violation is understanding the circumstances and context that lead to the charges. 

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