I can't speak highly enough of this law firm. I hired Stan after my nephew was accused of, and confessed to a crime that he did not commit. We were sure that his case was hopeless. Stan and Sarah believed in my nephew, and fought hard to prove his innocence. We cannot describe the relief that our family felt when they read the not guilty verdict. They literally saved my nephew's life, and I will be forever grateful.

Sheila J.

I was referred to Stan through several locals. I was a South Bend, IN visitor for a weekend and was given an underage ticket. I returned to my home state of PA and Stan was able to handle the entire case promptly and effectively. He was very informative and helped me to understand what my options were and how to move forward. I trusted him and his judgement and was very happy with the results of my case.


I hired Stanley and associates for a felony burglary. Was planning to take it to court so I wanted a trial lawyer which is why I went with them. We never took it to trial but the result I received was fantastic.

Clinton Wells

After my second ticket of speeding at the same district. I thought I was doomed but with the help of Andrea Beachkosky my charges and fees where lower. Highly recommend Wrubble Law Group with any driving incidents!!!!

Laura S.

Wruble Law Group possesses both vast legal knowledge and the gift of communicating that knowledge to the client. Simply stated, the attorneys are able to explain complex matters in a simple and concise way. Their expertise in dealing with the court system(s) and other agencies as they relate to criminal and traffic related matters is unparalleled. All of my questions and concerns, as well as options available to me, were thoroughly explained. All of my phone inquiries and electronic communications were responded to promptly. The outcome of my legal matter was better than I could have ever imagined.

M Sarvari

We were referred to Mr. Wruble as we needed assistance with a legal matter involving our college age son. He was very helpful and with his advice and counsel and we were able to solve our legal issue by following Mr. Wruble's specific recommendations. He gave specific guidelines for us to follow, was very open about how much this process would cost so there were no surprises along the way. As a resident of a different state, it's very difficult to find good representation sight unseen but we placed ourselves in good hands with Mr. Wruble and his staff and we are pleased that we have resolved our son's issue successfully.

C. Janiw

I am going to start off by saying I am an ex-convict. My son recently was sent to JJC for hanging around with the wrong crowd. Me being a mother and having the knowledge that I gathered while incarcerated made me proceed in a matter that only a desperate mother can encounter. I was once told while incarcerated that Mr Stanley Wruble was a great attorney and that he might be able to help me modify my sentence, at that time being incarcerated for a long time i had no funds to my name so i let things go. I than remembered Mr.Wruble and thought that he would be the one to help my son. We made payment arrangements on a Friday my son was out of JJC on that following Wednesday. They didn't waste any time on bringing my baby back home. I will always be so grateful from the bottom of my heart on how fast they worked. I thought i was dreaming when he called me to let me know that my baby was being released.

Marie G.

Mr. Jerry Margraf represented my mothers Estate through the probate process. He was professional,informative, direct to the point, and knowledgeable with probate law.Also, he was compassionate and respectful through out this Estate process from start to finish. He answered any and all questions and informed myself ( Personal Representative) of the Estate procedures and process. When a contested issue arose on behalf of the Estate Mr. Margraf immediately clarified the proper understanding and legality of the Will as it was written. I would recommend him for Legal Representation to anyone who is in need of a Will or Probate process.He also Legal Counsel for other legal needs. Thank you Mr. Margraf on behalf of my mother's estate and its closure.

Ronald D. Kocsis Sr.

After a long process Wruble and Associates were able to prove out innocence and begin the prosecution of the people who had lied about us. A great company who looks after their clinets best interest.


I would HIGHLY reccommend Stan to be a great lawyer for anyone! I was new to the area, was getting charged with something I didn't do, and Stan was able to prove my innosence!

Chester Shoup III

I ran into some trouble at school and was being charged with a criminal misdemeanor. I have never been in trouble before and had absolutely no idea what to do, and I didn't want to have any charges on my record considering that I will be applying to for a job in the near future. After talking to a few different attorneys it seemed like my only option was to explore a pretrial diversion. However, I did some more research and found Stan Wruble - he was the only attorney to tell me there was a small chance that my case would be able to be dismissed. He lives up to his amazing reputation and goes above and beyond what is asked. He worked very hard and fought for me and for my case, and my case was dismissed altogether. I feel like I can finally go back to living a normal life without this hanging over my head. I would 100% recommend him to everyone! He comes through on his word and aims to get his client the best possible outcome.


When I was charged with Assault and Battery for a crime act which I never committed I called upon Stan Wrubel for legal defense. He was my choice because I was told that he had a passion as a attorney to defend his clients with dignity and respect. One phone call and I was sitting behind his conference table with his full attention to my issue and charges. After reviewing my case he set a course of action to clear my charges and respectably stand by me through the process. Mr. Wrubel is understanding , compassionate, respectful and committed to defend his clients. He is not to be under estimated as he is aggressive in his defense actions to defeat accusations against his clients. Mr. Wruble's phone calls are returned promptly to answer his clients concerns. His associate Andrea Beachkofski and all his staff show due respect and support during my difficult process. and actually give comfort and support. In his defense process Mr. Wruble researched, had a plan ; executed it and all charges were dropped before it went to court . I appreciate his support, guidance and professional ethics to stand by me and find justice under the law and court system. Thanks Stan............

Ronald D.Kocsis

I was falsely accused of two terrible crimes I did not commit. Even though I didn't do it, I was still stressed about dealing with the case, but Mr. Wruble was great in the courtroom. He convinced the jury I was innocent and me and my family were so relieved. He knows how to present a defense before a jury!

Drea G.

Ran into a spot of trouble while visiting a friend at Notre Dame and was slated to have to spend big on a plane ticket to come back the following week - Wruble & Associates had everything cleared within 3 business days, couldn't have asked for a better job!

Zach S.

After a couple horrible years with another local lawyer out of Goshen we found Wruble and Associates-Andrea Beachkowsky! We had lost all hope after this lawyer had messed up so much with our Judge and my brothers case. Then I spoke to Andrea and I had faith that there were actually amazing lawyers out there that genuinely cared about their clients and meant what they said. She reassured our family that she could help make all of this wrong right by doing everything she possibly could and within a short time she had! We were with the wrong attorney for TWO YEARS and in a matter of a month Andrea fixed it all and my brother was rightfully represented. We can not thank her and Stan both for working hard for us. Don't make the same mistake as us, choose Wruble and Associates first!!!! You won't be disappointed!

Morgan J.

When your daughter calls your cell phone at 10:00PM on a Saturday night, you know the news will not be good. After that phone call and a little research on the charge she faced I decided we representation. We were referred to Wruble and & Assoc. and Andrea Beachkofsky. Andrea was fantastic. After hearing the details of the events that lead to my daughter being charged she went right to work and persuaded the prosecutor to completely drop the matter without us ever having to appear in court! My daughter has hopes of becoming an attorney one day and this charge could have derailed those dreams. We cannot thank Andrea and Wruble Assoc. enough for their fast and efficient professionalism. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, you could not ask for better representation.

Mark R.

I was arrested for OWI in the state of May. After meeting with several lawyers in St Joe Co. I was positive that Wruble and Assoc. would be the most professional, knowledgable, and hardest working staff of attorneys anyone could ask for. Ms. Beachkofsky handled my case and went above and beyond my expectations. After six months of classes, an ignition interlock device in my vehicle, and various other procedures, my case was dismissed and I plead guilty to public intoxication. To have such a terrible mark removed from my record was everything and more than I could have hoped for. Thank you to Stan Wruble and Andrea Beachkofsky for your hard work and diligence in helping me make the best of a terrible situation! I would recommend this office to anyone in legal trouble.

Alec C.

I was stopped by cops for driving under influence of alcohol, i was detained in jail and fortunately i got bond so i was released. i started looking around and searching attorneys to help me out. i was so depressed. i was scheduled to meet different attorneys. i finally hired "wruble and associates" they analysed my case and started working on it, they are very professional and also have sense of humor, they can listen the situation and advice you what to do. don't get scared of possible outcome. they can break down the payments if you are not ready to pay in full. just be faithful and tell the truth. Andrea was able to get my case dismissed from dealing with the prosecutor. i was ordered the Interlock into my vehicle and finished the classes ordered from the judge. please if u get caught from driving under influence, contact them as soon as possible. i highly recommend wruble and associates especially Andrea who helped my DUI case to get dismissed.

Justin K.

Wruble Law was able to secure the best possible outcome I could have hoped for in my criminal case. They are super easy to talk to, and even answered a couple of emails after hours! I had the displeasure of getting arrested...but had the pleasure of having Stan on my side through it all. I truly thank them and will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing legal services.

Brian S.

I was in a horrifying situation… where I was falsely accused, and children where pulled out of the home. I had criminal charges and a CHINS petition filed against me. My attorney was so helpful and knowledgeable about the system and how these situations play out…therefore was able to help me to stand up for my rights when it came to my situation. They were able to get the criminal charges dismissed at the 1st court case . Then we had to move on in the CHINS case and get my kids home so we could move on with our lives. I felt like their was no hope, but they made sure that I got my kids back. The attorneys and the office staff were so great!

Sarah G.

I felt I was taken care of and was able to focus on my recovery while my lawyer was taking care of everything else. I felt like a family member in the group and would highly recommend Mr Jones.


From the first day I walked into the firm I felt welcomed and knew I was in good hands. Good communication throughout and the end result was VERY satisfying!


My husband was arrested for a Class D Felony. At the time of his arrest he was 56 years old, a property owner, taxpayer and overall regular guy. He had never been arrested before, he has never been involved in any legal action what so ever. The arrest was based on fabricated stories from a neighbor that we have had problems with since purchasing the property where we reside 30 years ago. This neighbor was connected to the local sheriff’s office (having worked for them), to local county government and has a step son that is a county sheriff officer. Knowing that we could not hire an attorney to defend him in the county where we reside, we were searching for a good attorney to defend an innocent man. A friend recommended The Stan Wruble Group. We contacted Stan, discussed our case with him and hired him. He sent Andrea Beachkofsky to represent my husband. After many months of trying to work with the prosecutor’s office we came to the realization that we would have to go to trial to get an innocent man proved NOT GUILTY. After 20 months we went to trial. The odds were against us in many ways, lying police officers, lying witnesses, probably paid off prosecutors, and a rigged jury pool. We went to trial. Andrea skillfully, with class and integrity, proceeded through each witness testimony and demonstrated the deception of the witnesses and sheriff’s officers involved. After a 2 day trial the jury came back in less than 30 minutes with a unanimous NOT GUILTY. I cannot describe the relief. But what I want everyone to know if you want to hire legal representation that will get the job done in a classy, confident and skillful manner Andrea Beachkofsky can do that for you. She worked tirelessly on my husband’s case at all hours of the morning, night and weekend. She was patient and confident in her work. My husband calls her his angel. Andrea also is this regular person who has a great understanding of the legal system and presents herself well to the jury; she is confident, smart, caring and real. Every one of our friends that attended the trial in support of my husband cannot stop talking about Andrea. She is someone we will consider a friend for life. She left a positive mark on everyone involved on our side of the courtroom. Thank you Andrea and thank you Stan for sending her to assist us in this matter.