Can You Bring Marijuana Across State Lines to Indiana?

Marijuana laws have become much less strict nationwide in recent years. A substance that was once illegal has begun to become legally available in some states, with that number growing. However, this can raise a lot of questions, considering that some states still prohibit it.

Indiana still has strict marijuana crime laws, both for possession and intent to sell. When a citizen visits a neighboring state that allows it, they still face legal penalties for bringing it back with them.

Indiana’s Marijuana Laws

Indiana has not legalized marijuana, either for sale or for personal possession. Marijuana violations still carry strict penalties in the state, and it is still illegal federally. This means that the use of this substance is prohibited both on state and federal land within Indiana.

While marijuana is illegal, some other CBD products are not. Items with low levels of THC are allowed and can be bought with relative ease. As long as a product meets the state THC level requirements, it is entirely allowed.

No matter the legality elsewhere, it is best to avoid possession of marijuana in any capacity in Indiana. Not only is it a risk within the state, but carrying it across state lines carries a higher penalty. That can lead to devastating penalties that impact your future.

Legalization and Decriminalization in Neighboring States

Despite Indiana’s laws, several states nearby have either legalized or decriminalized marijuana use. While these two things may sound similar, there is a crucial difference. If something is legalized, it is wholly allowed within the state. If it is decriminalized, however, it is still illegal but carries no penalties or at least minor ones.

Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio have all legalized marijuana to some extent. Those three states neighboring Indiana, though there are plenty of other states where this is the case. It should be noted that while Indiana has not decriminalized or legalized marijuana, it has been considered, and advocates are still fighting for legalization and decriminalization.

What Are the Penalties for Bringing Marijuana Across State Lines?

Possession and sale of marijuana are already crimes with hefty penalties, but bringing the substance across state lines may be the most severe. This is a federal crime and could lead to the offender being charged with drug trafficking. Drug trafficking is a felony and will likely result in several years in prison.

Even when your fines are paid, and your sentence is served, there are still consequences. You carry these criminal charges on your criminal record, which follows you for life. Drug trafficking is a significant mark on your record and can severely inhibit your ability to get a job and housing.

What Can I Do If I Am Accused of Bringing Drugs Across State Lines?

Considering the legal penalties for drug charges in Indiana, being accused of anything related to marijuana is a harrowing thought. You could be looking at heavy fines, prison time, and some severe marks on your criminal record. Luckily, there are options for those standing accused.

The best thing you can do when facing drug charges is seek out legal help. You may be able to get the charges against you dismissed or reduced to a lesser crime by negotiating with the prosecutor or presenting a powerful defense at trial.