What Happens If You Get Charged With Rape in Indianapolis

If you have been accused of rape, you have a personal understanding of how devastating such a charge can be. The accused will face stiff penalties and lifelong consequences. If convicted, life will no doubt change forever.

When facing a rape charge in Indianapolis, it is important to understand the possible consequences and to seek representation as soon as possible. Protection from the penalties that lay ahead takes preparation and an understanding of the law. Contacting an Indianapolis sex crimes attorney is imperative.

Indiana Law Defines Rape

In Indiana, rape is recognized as a person having sexual intercourse or making someone perform or submit to an act of sexual conduct. Rape can be perpetrated by force or the threat of harming them. But, it is not limited to force.

Sexual intercourse or sexual conduct that is performed while the victim is unaware, such as when they are unconscious or under the influence, is also rape. If a person has a mental disability, they are not equipped to consent, so this is also rape.

Sexual Battery in Indiana

Sexual battery is defined as one person arousing themself or someone else or satisfying their sexual desires by touching their victim. Like rape, this can be done through force or by threatening the person. It also applies to a person being unable to provide consent because of a disability or because they do not know that the act is occurring.

An instance of sexual battery could be if a person was fondled in their sleep for the arousal or sexual satisfaction of the perpetrator. If the perpetrator also causes their victim physical harm, battery charges may also apply.

Consequences for a Rape Charge Conviction

When a person is accused of rape, they will face criminal and personal consequences. They can be complicated legally and in the accused’s personal life. Some of the impacts a person might face are discussed below:

Criminal Penalties for Rape in Indiana

Rape and sexual battery can result in serious consequences in Indiana. The penalties for being convicted of rape are listed below:

  • If convicted of rape, one must register as a sex offender. This means revealing the conviction to future employers, landlords, and mortgage brokers.
  • Sexual battery charges are categorized as Level 6 felonies. Though this is the least serious level of felony in Indiana, a conviction still carries a sentence of between six months and two and a half years in prison. Fines of up to $10,000 are also enforced.
  • If convicted of rape, the defendant faces Level 4 or Level 5 felony penalties. Level 4 and Level 5 come with monumental fines and up to 20-year sentences. If the crime is considered aggravated or deviant, the convicted party faces up to 50 years in prison.

Personal Consequences of Rape

When a person is convicted of rape or sexual battery, the legal consequences are not the only impacts they will face. They face the social stigma that comes along with it. Not only will their relationships suffer. There are other issues as well, some of which are listed below:

  • Job opportunities may dry up
  • Educational opportunities and scholarships may be revoked
  • Reputation will be sullied
  • Lack of trust
  • Difficulty securing housing

Avoiding Conviction and Clearing Your Name

One of the most vital things you can do if accused of rape or sexual battery is to obtain legal representation as soon as possible. Through each step of the case, it is important to have a sex crimes lawyer by your side. They perform the crucial job of protecting your rights and your freedom.

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