What Constitutes A Crime Of Passion?

Emotions are powerful factors that play a role in everything we do. Sometimes, they can become so intense that they make it difficult to make wise decisions. Often, this is called a crime of passion. If you have been charged with a crime like this, it is critical to understand what it means to you and your future. Start with what constitutes a crime of passion and what you should do after being accused.

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What Is a Crime of Passion?

A crime of passion is any type of illegal activity that occurs in the “heat of passion, ” implying that it was, in some way, provoked or occurred without thought and premeditation. A person charged with this did not set out to act deliberately in the way they did.

If a person is charged with a serious crime, and it is noted that it was a crime of passion, that could provide some partial defense in the incident, though it does not excuse the behavior or result. The law recognizes premeditated and deliberate actions as more serious.

A person charged with a crime of passion has committed some type of crime, but they had no immediate control over their actions, often due to the emotional trauma present. A person may not have been thinking clearly, may have faced serious trauma, or may have reacted to the extreme pressure they were facing without actually having the time or the ability to think about their actions.

Factors to Consider About a Crime of Passion

While a crime of passion involves serious emotions, it is not always about love. In some situations, it can involve intense anger or fear. The action may be a direct response to a traumatic experience of being abused for a long period of time. This leads a person to “snap” or simply become unable to control their behavior, often for a short amount of time.

If this sounds like what occurred in your situation, do not assume it is enough to help you get a lower charge or have your charges dropped. Even in very clear traumatic events, such as domestic abuse, there is certainly the need to prove that this occurred, why it happened, and what results should come from it. Having a criminal defense attorney by your side is critical to that process.

It is still necessary to prove you do not deserve the highest level of punishment. Do not overlook the importance of allowing our team to help you with that process.

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