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When a person under the age of 18 makes a mistake, the consequences can follow them for decades. As trusted, experienced criminal defense lawyers, we see the implications this has on the quality of life, well-being, and overall financial security it can have on an individual. When an Indianapolis juvenile offense occurs, even if you believe it to be minor, hire an attorney to help you.

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What to Expect from Juvenile Court

Any child under the age of 18 who is charged with a crime will go through the Indiana Juvenile Justice System, which is a complex and oftentimes overwhelming process for the child and the parent. Typically, this will include several steps:

  • Detention hearing: This initial step occurs when the child is first arrested. They are placed in a detention center and must be provided an opportunity to see a judge within 48 business hours. This hearing determines if the child stays at the center or can return home.
  • Initial hearing: In the first hearing, the child will be told what charges they are being accused of due to their arrest. Your child’s attorney should be present at this appointment.
  • Fact-finding hearing: This is a type of hearing designed to bring in witnesses to provide testimony about what happened or did not happen. The judge discusses the case thoroughly with anyone related to the situation, and again, your child’s attorney should be present so they can present any evidence to support their side.
  • Dispositional hearing: During this hearing, the judge has determined the child has broken the law. At this point, the judge uses the information available to determine what should happen to the child. This could include probation, treatment programs, or living in a secure facility.
  • Hearing reviews: A review hearing is common throughout any period of time under which the child will be monitored or limited. This allows the judge to check in to see how the child is doing, often during probation and typically occurs every six months.

When Should Your Child Have a Juvenile Defense Attorney?

Indianapolis juvenile offenses are serious situations. Any time your child is being questioned or accused of a crime, they should have a well-qualified criminal defense attorney by their side. Otherwise, they could make a statement that is misleading or answer a question that puts them at risk for punishment they do not deserve.

Your child’s juvenile defense attorney will also provide evidence to support the best possible outcome for the child, whether that is dropping charges, seeking treatment instead of jail time, or helping the child to get any level of support they need.

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