What Crimes Can Put You on the Sex Offender List?

If you are convicted of particular sexually based offenses in Indiana, you are required to register as a sex offender. Different offenses require a convicted sex offender to remain on the registry for between ten years and life. Violent offenses require the offender to update the sheriff’s department every 90 days, while other offenses require yearly check-ins.

Certain offenses require you to notify the sheriff’s department of any change of address. If you have questions about the sex offender registry, it is important to contact an Indiana sex crimes lawyer for advice.

Which Crimes Require a Convicted Person To Register

While you may stay on the sex offender registry for varying lengths of time, if convicted, you must register. If you move, or even if you are a transient visitor for more than seven days, you are required to register with law enforcement. The following criminal convictions must be registered in the state of Indiana:

  • Rape
  • Sexual battery
  • Kidnapping, which refers to confining a minor victim if you are not the parent or the child’s guardian
  • Child molestation or exploitation
  • Sex offenses that fall under laws of a separate jurisdiction, such as the military
  • Criminal deviant conduct
  • Conspiracy to commit a sex offense
  • Vicarious sexual gratification
  • Possession of child pornography
  • Child solicitation or seduction
  • Sexual contact by a service provider with a minor
  • Sexual misconduct with a minor
  • Incest
  • Promotion of prostitution or human trafficking
  • Sexual or human trafficking
  • Non-consensual oral copulation
  • Penetration with a foreign object when a victim is unable to provide consent
  • Annoying a child for a second or subsequent time
  • Sodomy with a minor or a person unable to consent
  • Lewd acts with a minor
  • Non-consensual oral copulation when the victim is unable to consent
  • Contacting a minor to commit a felony
  • Murder committed during a sex act
  • Assault with intent to commit a felony
  • Aiding rape
  • Transporting a minor for lewd purposes
  • Aggravated sexual assault on a minor
  • Lewd and lascivious conduct
  • Lewd acts with a minor
  • Sending harmful material to a minor
  • Arranged to meet a minor
  • Soliciting someone to commit a sexually based crime
  • Sexual penetration with an object
  • Continuous sexual assault of a child
  • Sex acts with a child younger than 10

Juveniles who committed sexual offenses when they were 14 years old or over must also register as sex offenders once they are no longer in a residential juvenile correctional facility or state institution if they are likely to repeat the conduct that landed them there. They will be considered as an adult and required to remain on the sex offender’s registry.

How Long Will A Sex Offender Have to Register

Once a person is convicted of a sexual offense, they must remain on the sex offender registry for a prescribed period. Violent sexual crimes require the convicted person to remain on the sex offender’s registry for their entire life. Convictions for less violent offenses must register for ten years following

How Does Registering as a Sex Offender Affect Your Life

If you or a loved one has to register as a sex offender, there can be additional consequences. Once the designated prison or jail sentence has been served, life can still be complicated due to remaining on the sex offender registry. Listed below are some of the consequences that inclusion on the sex offender registry might cause:

  • Securing housing can be difficult
  • You may not qualify for certain jobs
  • Professional licenses can be suspended or revoked
  • Child custodial agreements may be reworked
  • Social media use can be restricted
  • Your reputation can be affected because of the public release of your personal information, like your name, address, and the details of your crime

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