What Is The Discovery Process In A Criminal Trial?

There are several different proceedings before a criminal trial ever begins. For example, there is an arraignment, the discovery, motions, and a set of plea negotiations. While each of these steps in a criminal trial process is important, the discovery process helps shed light on the facts gathered by the prosecutor and defense, as…

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What Is Self Defense In Criminal Law?

If you have recently defended or stood up for yourself or others, you may be curious to know what exactly is considered self-defense in criminal law in Indiana. The good news is that the state of Indiana does support the fact that individuals have the right to stand up and defend themselves and others…

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Driving High: What Happens If I Get a Marijuana DUI?

  According to the Indiana Criminal Justice System, arrests for Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) average about 20,000 a year, with 2019 reaching 23,343 arrests in the state. On average, most of the arrests are categorized as “alcohol or drug” related. Operating While Intoxicated, or OWI, relates to any substance that causes impairment in the…

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The word "statutory rape" represented by wooden tiles.

Exceptions to Statutory Rape in Indiana

According to statistics from The NeighborhoodScout, there were 600 total-reported rape cases in Indiana in 2021. In the state of Indiana, an individual could be arrested and charged with statutory rape for engaging in sexual activity with a child below 16 years. Generally, statutory rape laws in Indiana are based on the presumption that minors…

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The word "DUI Law" on a book next to a set of pens.

Will I Lose My License After Being Charged With a DUI?

There is no denying the fact that a DUI charge can be a stressful and nerve-wracking experience. If you have been charged with a DUI in Indiana, you may be wondering about the repercussions of this offense on your driving privileges. One of the most common concerns is whether you will lose your license…

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Photo of witness testimony in a courthouse

He Said, She Said: Finding the Truth

According to statistics from the FBI 2019 Crime in the United States report, there were 2,475 total reported rape incidents in Indiana. Under Indiana laws, a person may be arrested and charged with sexual assault for engaging in sexual conduct with another person through force or when the victim is unable to consent or unaware of…

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