Indianapolis, IN Drug Crime Attorneys

Indianapolis, IN Drug Crime Attorneys

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Due to public opinion, political opposition, and current laws in place, penalties for drug crimes can be extremely harsh. Whether you have been charged with misdemeanor possession or a major felony, you may face jail or prison time and steep fines. In addition to these penalties, having a drug charge on your permanent criminal record will significantly impact your ability to find future employment, obtain government assistance, apply for a loan, and more. Other privileges, such as the right to own or carry a firearm or drive a motor vehicle, may also be at risk.

Because of the complex laws and regulations regarding drugs in Indiana, your charges may seem like a confusing situation to navigate. Fortunately, our team of Indianapolis, IN criminal defense attorneys at Wruble Law LLC is here at your side throughout the entire process. We are able to provide quality defense services, advise you on the most effective course of action, and answer any questions you may have. Schedule your free initial consultation with us by calling (574) 282-2200.

We represent clients who have been charged with the following types of drug crimes:

Indianapolis, IN Criminal Defense Lawyers Stand Up for Your Rights

Just because you have been arrested for a drug crime does not mean that you are automatically guilty. In fact, law enforcement officials involved in drug arrests often make mistakes in their investigations and arrest procedures - from improper searches and racial profiling to poor handling of evidence. With four decades of combined experience representing clients charged with drug crimes, we have the knowledge and tools to find holes in the prosecution's case, as well as the arrest process itself, and work to have your charges dismissed before the case is ever taken to trial. Our attorneys are able to handle even the most difficult cases, including both state and federal charges.

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