Have you or a loved one been accused of burglary? Unlike other theft offenses, burglary can be charged before any theft even occurs. This broad definition has led to countless trespassers and other individuals to be wrongly charged with this felony offense. In these cases, it is essential that the accused aggressively assert the circumstances of their arrest before the judge and jury.

At Wruble Law LLC, we have over 40 years of combined experience and understand the challenges the accused face in these cases. Our mission for these clients is to level the playing field both in and outside the courtroom and ensure that they receive every consideration they deserve under the law. Our vigilant and skilled Indianapolis, IN criminal defense attorneys are committed to pursuing every viable avenue towards a reduction or an acquittal on our clients’ behalf.

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While burglary is often associated with theft, it can be charged in relation to any felony– or any intended felony. According to Ind. Code § 35-43-2-1, a burglar is “a person who breaks and enters the building or structure of another person, with intent to commit a felony in it.” This can be charged as a Class C felony.

However, burglary can be charged as a Class B felony when:

The accused is armed with a deadly weapon
The building is a dwelling (a home or residence)
The building is a place of religious worship

Burglary can also be charged as a Class A felony when:

The accused causes bodily injury to another person
The accused causes serious bodily injury to another person

The penalties associated with these charges depending on the felony classification– but all of them can result in serious prison time. For more on the specifics of your burglary charge and how our experienced team of advocates can help you assert your side of the story, contact our firm today.

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